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What is the VCO ?

VCO extracted from fresh white coconut meat without any chemical prosess. It is called as a "MOTHER OF OIL". It is rich in medium chain fatty acids. Particulary lauric acid and is treasure trove of minerals, uitamins, antioxidants & is and excellent nutracential, Also It has about 50% lauric acids.

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Welcome to Ceylon Coco Green

Manufactring (Pvt) Ltd.

Ceylon Coco Green Manufactring (Pvt) Ltd is Manufacturing Virgin Coconut Oil under strictly supervision with world class VCO Manufacturing process. We always try to give the best VCO for our client & Our customers. Further we got the ISO 22000 certification & HACCP Food Safety.

The Benifits of VCO

When the lauric acid enters human body, it gets converted to Mono Laurin, which has the ablility to enhance immunity. It help to kill the various virueses nunerious other bectiria in our body & also it help to reduce the viral load of HIV patients.

VCO is not subjected to high temperatures, solvents or refinement procedures and therefore retains the fresh scent & taste of coconuts because it is rech in vitamin E is nongreasy non staining & is widely used. in ancient and western medicine. soaps creams and for cooking.

However the international Market for the Virgin Coconut Oil is attractive because people are identify the value of VCO as a result Today most countries consider about VCO very well. So as VCO manufacturing company we give the best quality product to whom considerd about VCO

VCO helps to ;

  • Reduce the Cholesterol
  • Get Candida in Check
  • Helps keep diabetes in check
  • Reduce the Heart Disease
  • Helps to Weight Loss
  • Good for the Skin
  • Increase Energy
  • Nourishing for the brain
  • Reduce the Risk of Cancer
  • Support & enhance the immune system
  • Reduce the Risk of osteoporosisand more....